Sharolt lineup |
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Press the play button on the video above to enjoy the world of sharolt herb tea with great music.
Mountain Seeds

With images of animals hiding in the forest and nuts of various shapes…
Contains organic mugwort (contains chlorophyll and carotene and vitamin K), etc.
Recommended for those who are concerned about cold. It is herbal tea that supports combustion. Supplements nutrients necessary for women.


Sun Wood

hear foreign music from somewhere. difference in the tone of the sun
It’s getting crowded. With the red rose hip as the base, quickly.
Use it when you want to boost your mood with its lustrous scent.


Sercret Garden

The secret place of wild squirrels, under the soil, is a delicious acorn.
It uses spice herbs and has a spicy scent, but it has a warm taste. This product is recommended when you are in a hurry at work, have a lot of thoughts, or after overworking your body.
You can also enjoy it in various ways such as adding honey to make it sweet or adding milk.


Earth Rose

a fragrant odor of the earth resembling the scent of flowers.
It feels like the fragrance of roses.
Rooibos, bergamots, organic honey
Contains bush etc.
Recommended for those with allergies. gorgeous incense
It is refreshing and easy to drink.


Glowing Blue

With the blue bird of happiness as the motif, in the image of the wild bird “Blue-and-white flycatcher” with beautiful blue figure and chirping…
Contains butterfly pie (contains antioxidant polyphenol), rosemary, juniper berry, etc.
Recommended for those who get tired easily and those who have irregular eating habits. When you add lemon, it becomes purple, so you can enjoy the color change. You can also enjoy water discharge.


Budding Stars

Dreaming of flower one day, sparkling in the earth,
With the image of the star of life (bulb)…
Contains marberry, lavender, marjoram, etc.
This tea is characterized by the aroma of sweet flowers and mild taste.
Recommended for relaxing before going to bed.

– Herb Tea in Mistic –
“sharolt” is a unique taste herb tea born in Karuizawa, Japan.