How to brew herb tea |
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How to brew

Press the play button on the video above to enjoy the world of sharolt herb tea with great music.
Healing time starts with herb tea bag and leaf.

The sharolt herb tea is enclosed in a beautiful art box and illustration package.

Put it in your favorite pot, pour in clean hot water and wait for 5 minutes.
You can enjoy the fragrance and taste of delicately blended herbs.

Glass pot, tea bag and tea leaf

sharolt also has pots specially selected for you to enjoy the beauty of the herb tea.
We have tea bag type and tea leaf type herbal tea.
The teabag type is easy to clean and can be used easily.
For special occasions or special guests, please use the leaf type.
You will surely be surprised by the beauty of the herb tea which floats in the hot water and dances freely.

– Herb Tea in Mistic –
“sharolt” is a unique taste herb tea born in Karuizawa, Japan.